Development and progress are an important part of any growing community when the interests of the residents are taken into account and staunchly protected by local government. That is, after all, why we elect Mayors, Town Supervisors and boards. However, if those we charge with protecting our town and way of life cease to perform their roles, residents must unite to protect themselves and their town.

Unfortunately, in the Town of Montgomery, we find ourselves exactly in this position. Some of our elected officials have failed to do the research and discover all the detrimental ways in which these mega warehouses will degrade our town. Some of our elected officials are deferring to Mega Warehouses Lawyers when questioned by town residents. Some of our elected officials seem determined to allow these mega warehouses in to our town despite the mounting reasons that they just don’t fit in Montgomery, that they aren’t safe for our residents and our children, that they aren’t bringing anything positive to our community.

Click here to sign the RPM petition stating that you will not vote for any Mayors, Town Supervisor or Board Member who does not stand up to these mega warehouses!

Currently the warehouses asking for special permission to build in Montgomery:

  1. Demand a 10-15 year PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) which means they will pay no taxes to for the first 5 years and then pay an imensely smaller fee than their taxes would be. Mega warehouses are known for leaving a town once their abatement is up. Medline and Amazon have done this in countless towns. Medline just left Wawayanda this year after coming up on their ten years.
  2. Bombard towns with truck and car traffic including their own trucks, other business trucks such as Fed Ex and UPS and employee cars in the hundreds and thousands per day! This will dramatically increase noise and air pollution in our town. Many of our roads and streets are simply not made to handle this amount of traffic and this size of trucks.
  3. Strain the resources and infrastructure of a small town. Everything from road maintenance, water usage/maintenance, policing, fire department usage, inspections, to power grids are severely impacted by mega warehouses. Below our roads lie pipes that carry our utilities that are destroyed by trucks. In the historic village area the vibration will erode the historic homes at a faster rate.
  4. Contaminate natural resources such as water and air. Groundwater as well as air pollution are serious concerns with warehouses of this magnitude. These contaminants vary depending on the uses of each mega warehouse. (To learn about the specific warehouse asking for permission to build with Montgomery click the links above)
  5. Dishonestly claim that they will bring jobs. The fact is that the great majority of these jobs are minimum wage part time jobs that will not afford their employees the ability to reside in the town of Montgomery. They claim that their construction and operation will have no adverse affect on residents.
  6. Lower property value for town residents. Homes in industrial areas typically have lower value than homes of the same size and type in residential/industrial park zones where people reside.
  7. Destroy the natural beauty of a small town. Millions of square feet as well as 40 foot walls of cement drastically change the landscape of a small town for the worst. Noise and light pollution erode the pleasant atmosphere of small town living. No more quiet nights at home on the porch and no more stargazing as the natural sky is overtaken by massive lights.
  8. Manipulate local elected officials and boards to override zoning and code that are established to protect town residents.

Click the links below to learn about the specific mega warehouse projects like these currently before our town boards. Click here to find out how you can help protect Montgomery.

Medline on 416

Sailfish/Amazon on 17K

8 others