Welcome fellow Residents Protecting Montgomery!

We are Montgomery, NY residents committed to protecting our beautiful town and flourishing community. We want smart growth that fits our town, doesn’t drain our resources, can be handled by our infrastructure, won’t harm residents and keeps our town a great place to live. 

We educate ourselves about what’s going on in our town and how residents may be affected. We organize our town when local government is not protecting our best interests . We mobilize our town to protect it. 

If you love living in Montgomery, NY, are raising your kids here, are retired here, have been here for generations or have recently joined our community, you matter and your best interests are what we are focused on. 

If you care about keeping residents and our children safe, want to see local elected officials such as our Mayors, Town Supervisor, and Boards act on our behalf, you are already a Resident Protecting Montgomery! Together we can protect Montgomery, NY and keep it the friendly small town we love 💚